#CodeWeek 2019 Event – English Version

Acesse a versão em Português

This post refers to the event we created that was approved at European Code Week – #CodeWeek 2019. With this, we receive the badge “organiser” – which honors us a lot.

This is a teacher lesson plan that addresses problem solving – understanding and carrying out an Arrhenius acid-base reaction – through Computational Thinking. The subject is from the area of Chemistry, but the proposal / approach may be appropriate and remixed to suit any area of knowledge.

The main objective is to develop Computational Thinking for problem solving. There are many ways to do this, including plug-in and unplugged activities, and various software and applications available. In our case, we opted for a plugged in – connected – activity using Google Sheets. There is also the option of using Excel.

Take part in this activity by reading and, if you are interested, also applying this plan in your classes, adapting it to your needs.


Prof. Carlos Sanches



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